Our Services

How we help technology companies

Phase 1

  • Strategy : Updated market knowledge & prepare sales strategy  
  • Identify : Identify Sole-sourcing/ Competitive opportunities
  • Establish : Establish right contact with the prospect
  • Discuss : Discuss what problems clients’ solutions could solve
  • Qualify : Qualify the opportunity to sell clients’ solutions

Phase 2

  • Review : Review the proposal and estimation model
  • Collaborate : Collaborate with sales team to close the deal

Advantages of engaging with SSS

                                                                                                   ✔️ Study the market for the needs of the industries

                                                                       ✔️ Create a winning marketing strategy.

                                                                       ✔️ A brief analysis of the identified business problems.

                                                                       ✔️ Presale customer education about the solutions.

                                                                       ✔️ Assist the client and prospect a win/win solution.

                                                                       ✔️ Achieve reduced sales cycle and increase bid/win ratio.

                                                                       ✔️ Prequalify the opportunities & enhance prospect of engagement.

                                                                       ✔️ Define products/services support

Value Propositions

  •   ✔️ Two executives available to identify customers to sell solutions.

  •                                                               ✔️ Excellent contact to introduce prospects.

  •                                                               ✔️ Outstanding experience in managing sales process.

  •                                                               ✔️ Capabilities to review large proposals to the customer-base.

  •                                                               ✔️ Prequalify opportunities to reduced sales cycle.

  •                                                              ✔️  Ability to communicate with the CXO’s. 

  •                                                              ✔️  Access to market research.

  •                                                              ✔️  Experience in team building to achieve higher growth.