Our Clients


Spirae, LLC

Headquartered in Fort Collins Colorado, USA

QBurst Technologies Inc

QBurst is a leading global software product development and consulting company focused on emerging technologies and provides web and mobile application development, cloud computing, and business analytics in cutting edge technologies offering custom software solutions to both SME market and large enterprises. Established in 2004, QBurst has 12 offices across the globe. Software products developed by QBurst as fee for services have received national and international recognition. For more information,  please visit www.qburst.com.



SeeMyMachines is a cloud-based IoT platform that delivers near real-time insights into operations. SeeMyMachines captures, combines, and interprets this data to deliver actionable insights. The solution monitors and tracks machine performance, delivering insights into utilization and productivity of assets. This platform can be used for connected machines environment, asset management, remote monitoring, smart factory and real-time location services. This platform is currently used by healthcare, wind energy, power generation & transmission, industrial manufacturing and water treatment industries. For more information, please visit www.seemymachines.com 

eMudhra Limited ​

eMudhra focuses on SECURE Digital Transformation to enable organizations to progress and evolve without sacrificing “Trust,” which matters most in our society. With an end-to-end stack around trust services, PKI, Paperless transformation, and Digital Authentication, eMudhra is optimally placed to aid digital journeys where identity assertion is critical. eMudhra chairs the Asia PKI Consortium, is an executive member of the Cloud Signature Consortium and a member of the CA Browser Forum. Having been in business for over 12 years and built a reach that spans more than 45 countries, eMudhra is deeply committed to bringing change and helping societies across not just go digital but go digital in a secure way. Visit www.emudhra.com for more information.


SSS provides a focused and fully integrated high-value services to their clients. SSS’ domain knowledge, industry experience and client-focused approach to international marketing and sales support services enables them to identify the opportunities specific to the business and facilitate faster growth of their clients. SSS partners have combined 50 years of hands-on experience. They have worked in executive management positions selling enterprise solutions to various industries as well as acquiring industry solutions that could be sold in multiple-countries.