Who are we?

We are a sales strategy consulting firm promoting specific industry-focused products & services dynamically improving business processes, enhancing operational efficiency, containing cost, optimizing utilization of resources and producing high return on investments.


Be a trusted advisor and an extension of the existing sales organization of the clients, providing high-quality international marketing and sales support services, helping clients articulate compelling solutions, assisting both clients and prospects to have win/win engagements


Provide international sales and marketing support services on a success fee model to SMEs that need revenue scaling, by providing industry knowledge,  market intelligence and customer education

Kasi V.Sridharan
President & CEO

Mr. Kasi is an Entrepreneur with 37 years of industry experience. At present, President & CEO of Sales Strategy & Synergy LLC, a boutique sales & marketing organization promoting sale of software products of various companies located internationally, Executive Vice President of Regency Strategic Advisors, Inc, a boutique investment banking firm providing buy and sell side and capital raising advisory, and Chief Financial Officer of Advanced Combustion Technologies, LLC, a research and development company promoting patented technology in the combustion market. In his role as President & CEO of Sales Strategy & Synergy, LLC, he provides sales and marketing support to distribute software products and services in Distributed Energy Resource Management, Industrial IoT, Data Analytics, RPA, Digital workflow management and eSignature. In his role as an investment banker, he has advised companies in healthcare software and services, health plans, business services, software products and services, business process outsourcing, human capital management, to mention a few. His prior experiences include listing a company in NASDAQ, reviewing and acquiring international companies, fixed-pricing multi-year, multi-million-dollar software services projects to Fortune 500 companies, managing international operations, financial management, and building offshore software development centers in Asia and Europe.

Sundaram Jaishankar
Executive Vice President

Mr. Jaishankar is a self-motivated, progress-driven and a detail-oriented Program Manager, with an extensive background in successfully managing multiple projects in a wide variety of sectors. He has a keen business acumen and his strength is excellent customer skills. Throughout his career his focus has always been to keep the stakeholders engaged and happy. His work ethos has also been to coach and mentor, as he finds it full-filling and it helps grow talent within the entity. He has a successful track record, and a demonstrated ability to engage with customers and stakeholders and deliver key outcomes. He is a strategic thinker, problem solver and a leader by example with a keen attention to detail, and takes pride in building stakeholder relationships and fostering a highly focused and happy environment.

Background & Experiences

  •  ▪️ Combined 30+ years of experience as a corporate executive in strategic planning, sales             marketing, sales support, project office management, business development and finance         and M & A.
  •   ▪️ Proposal review for multi-year, multi-million dollar software development,                                       maintenance, reengineering and product customization projects for Fortune 500                           companies.
  •  ▪️ Review of pipeline & backlog of business to determine probability of success/project                   resource planning & revenue projections.
  •  ▪️ Review of account management and scope additional revenue generation                                     opportunities from the existing customer base.
  •  ▪️ Preparation of estimating models for various types of projects and updating it from                     time to time.
  •  ▪️ Review projects under execution to determine change orders, adequacy of human                       resources, cost management and timely execution.
  •  ▪️ Set up offshore software development infrastructure worldwide and recruitment of                       software professionals.
  •  ▪️ Review of overseas operations in Australia, Canada, France, India, Japan and United                    Kingdom.
  •  ▪️ Financial management of operation.
  •  ▪️ Planning & coordination of Initial Public Offering and Follow-on offering.
  •  ▪️ Identify, review, acquire and integrate companies worldwide.